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Cô Gái Tóc Vàng +18 - Yeallow Hair +18

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Cô Gái Tóc Vàng - Yeallow Hair -
Cô Gái Tóc Vàng - Yeallow Hair

Director Kim You-min’s “Yellow Hair 1″ was the most controversial film of the year 1999 on the ground that it contained frontal nudity and three sex scenes. Ever since then, Korean movies have changed a lot. These days, it is not hard to see movies with various sexual themes such as sadism and masochism in “Lie,” swapping in “Club Butterfly,” and hard-core porn sex in “Falling Into Her Love.” And “Yellow Hair 2″ by the same director of its previous film deals with transgenders.

From the beginning of the film’s shooting, “Yellow Hair 2″ has attracted a lot of the public’s interest because the hot transgender model Ha Ri-soo appears as a transgender woman in the film. However, for those who expected a lot of nudity and hard-core sex scenes, this film might be pretty disappointing. Ha doesn’t appear in any sex scenes and only a few sex scenes are shown throughout the two-hour movie. It is because the movie does not focus on the sex life of a transgender woman but on her life in general.

The movie is divided into several sections. Each section starts with a subtitle on an empty screen and each character’s narration, which are mostly so awkward and crude that it feels like the narrator is reading an adolescent girl’s diary.

There are two women and one man. One of the women is Y (Shin I), a convenience store clerk who wants to become an actress but is sexually abused by her vulgar manager. In her life is another man, the shop owner, a mid-aged pervert who peeps at her through a hidden camera. The other woman is J (Ha Ri-soo), the transgender, a quick service deliverer in the daytime and singer at a live club at night. She falls in love with a baseball player but leaves him after facing his parents’ tenacious opposition. And there’s a man named R, who wants to be a documentary film producer and films everything he sees with his camcorder.

The three happen to meet each other in the convenience store where Y works. There, J smashes the shop owner’s head with a beer bottle when the shop owner asks her to produce ID to check her ID numbers with those written on the check J paid with. Concluding the man is dead, the three total strangers run away together for no apparent reason. In the course of the runaway, the shilly-shally R withdraws from the group since he no longer wants to get involved in J’s continuous use of violence, which was caused by her rages over society’s prejudice against her.

Now Y and J are left. They comfort each other in a show of sisterhood, which comes across as lesbianism. In the end, however, Y ends up getting killed by J’s ex-lover who took her for J, and J’s lover also kills himself with a gun that J gave him. J is now left alone.

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